Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 21



Part 21



Her eyes  are droopy still manages to force them open, she adjusted her view with throbbing head. Where is she? The 1st question took place. The surroundings are not so similar. She tried to sit, then only it hit her. she is lying on a comfortable fluffy bed which is really soft. She put her one hand on her head to sooth it. just then a hand came infront with a medicine and lime juice. She took it instantly and gulp the lime juice ignoring the medicine, but as the half way of drinking she looked at the person who was standing there. she finished the glass and gaped at him with wide eyes. He bent down and rubbed the corner of her lips to wipe the water droplet.


Good morning Mishty.


Reality strike her,, she had been sleepy so many hours and her handsome kidnapper mr MSK was waiting for her to gain her conscious, but where is she. Does her marriage took place, she looked at her dress, its not the same, she looked at him suspiciously and he smiles nervously.


Maan: wo maine badal diya, u were not comfortable in that so, geet’s eyes only widen thinking how did he manages. And her cheeks were red as the realization drawn in; he had seen her body full. Don’t know for how many hours he had been staring at her.  he smiles slyly, I have seen u like that before, nothing new so stop blushing. She frowns with his statement. Then she realized what had happened in just 24 hour, she was going for temple when she found maan putting a handkerchief on my nose, after that she doesn’t remember anything, that means she had missed her so called marriage and now don’t know where she is. Anger rushed down as she saw maan standing leaning on the wall other side of the bed. He sighed looking at his angry sherni who will blast any moment.


Geet greeted her teeth: where the hell we are?




Geet: where is everyone, where m i? chup kyun ho? Bolo damit.


Maan just yawns, he was feeling sleepy as from 2 nights he haven’t sleep an eye, he was worried for her last night. It just made her more irritated.


Geet: why the hell we are here, where is everyone?


Maan: how much can u talk and shout geet? She gave him a murderous look which he chuckle. U r with me then who needs anyone else hmm?


He gave his most sexy smirk but it made her furious, she thought about her father who must be feeling humiliated knowing her daughter is missing, what must be going on her family. What will they tell the ppl when they get to know about the runaway bride. Practically she has been kidnapped but no one knew this, if they get to know its maan who had kidnapped her, brij will definitely kill him, and rounak, what will he do with him.. the mere thought of something happening to maan for his idiotic plan made her shiver. She looked at maan who was silently observing her facial expression. She was angry hell angry on him. she stood up from the bed and marched towards him.


Geet: how dare u maan, how dare u to kidnap me? do u know when my family member got the news what must have gone on them? Maan my father is paralyzed, did u every thought what humiliation he will go through when everyone specially the groom’s family will tell him, what will rounak do when he found me missing. maan u never think of others na? every time its u, I never knew u can be so selfish,


Her nonstop accusation was making him mad, his eyes was turning red as those words were hitting him. her worry about her family and calling him selfish was making him fuming in anger. He tried to compose but couldn’t.


Geet: chup kyun ho maan, did u ever love or respected my father maan?


Maan: BAS,, main chup hu iska matlab ye nahi tum kuch bhi bolti rahogi, maan held her arms pulling her close to him and then pinned her to the wall, what did u say ur family must be worried, ur so called would be husband must be worried ha? He came closer to her ear, u r so worried for them but not me, the so called man whom u didn’t meet yet u r worrying about him not me, did u thought while accepting this proposal that what will go through on me when I will saw u marrying someone else? Do u ever thought how will I digest when u will sacrifice ur everything for ur father, did u ever thought what will go through on ur father when he come to know his daughter tried to take her life because of his happiness… geet gulped her saliva seeing the anger in his eyes. Bolo geet, u didn’t think once taking this with u, he showed her a small thin bottle. Its hardly few inches.  She looked at the thing which she kept in her blouse and then it hit her, when he took off her dress he must have saw it. she tried to say something but maan stopped her. U always thought about UR FAMILY, UR FATHER, but where m I geet? Where is my place in this? unknown tears made its way in her eyes. I said all this happening because of brij, u didn’t believed me, did u ever trusted me geet? Ur family was always important for u did u ever tried to see the love and respect I have for uncle. Its ur madness and immaturity that made u do whatever u want, but not anymore. what did u thought I will let u do whatever u want. geet tried to turn her face to stop those tears but he held her cheeks tightly making her see in his eyes. U have lost ur all chances and rights, now onward u have to obey me, tum chaho ya na chaho u have to be with me, whatever I m u r bound to be with me. once I said if u urself tried to snatch u from me I will destroy u also. think that only. But u will be close to me.


Geet: maan.


She tried a futile attempt but her held her more tight and pressed his body on her.


Maan: bohot bol diya geet, jab tak sab thik nahi hojata we will be living here only. She gasp as his hand slides in her shirt, practically its his shirt. I won’t let u leave for whatever u did to me geet. Think it as ur destiny, tumhe kurbaan hona hain to mere pyar me,, mere pyar k liye nahi.


He said last word whisperingly, she closed her eyes letting the lost tears falling free. He kissed her cheeks and licked her all tears. She clutched his shirt’s end tightly in her fist. Her breath was high, her chest heaved up and down, it touched his chest. The soft curves touched his bare muscle as he was only in his vest. The touch only made him groans in anticipation; he captured her lips in a aggressive kiss. Complaining yet showing his passion for her in this. he mercilessly latched on her lips nipping it and making it red plump. She winched in pain as he bite her ruthlessly making it bleed and then licking it in his mouth. the mere thought of losing her and then the poison bottle made him mad. She knew she have to bear this as she has called the trouble by herself. She knew he is possessive lover but the height of madness she just get to know now. he pushed his tongue in her mouth taking her everything out. she held his shoulder for support as her knees felt weak, he held her tiny waist more possessively kissing her insanely while she was trying to match his passion but failed miserably. He smirks at her and she thought what she is doing, she stop responding making him groan in anger. She closed her eyes as tears of worry and helplessness rolled down, but he took it wrongly, he thinks she takes him as he is forcing on her. he left her lips feeling hurt with her rejection.


Geet opens her eyes to see a hurt maan looking away from her and making a distance. She couldn’t understand what happened in fraction of second but something that he doesn’t like, maybe feeling hurt with her words, but she is worrying about him only. She knew the person she was marrying is insane. She had heard about him. with the name only she felt disgust but knowing it may cause of her maan’s harm she was ready to take anything. it was not about her father only, she is worried about maan’s safety. She remember the last talk with rounak.


That night geet was sitting on the window pane all gloomy when brij came and gave her the phone of rounak. She clumsily took it and then heard his voice. The dangerous and mad person’s voice.


Rounak: so we are meeting after so many years, I can’t say u how much I have waited for this day, I really love u geet. The day I met u when u were 13 I fell the urge to have u but u were too small then, I had to wait for u almost 9 years. Now we will be married in only ew hours. I m so happy.


Geet: I don’t love u. she said out of blue. There was complete silence.


Rounak: I don’t need ur love, I love u na, bas kafi hain, I will make u the queen of this world geet.


Geet: I love someone else.


Rounak: I will KILL HIM.


Geet gasp hearing that, she was shivering with fear. She heard about him from media as she had murdered someone but she thought its false as he bailed out, now hearing this she is fearing.


Geet: u can’t.


Rounak: try me darling, I will kill ur BF and ur father too, oops he is paralyzed means one injection and no one ever get to know he has been murdered.


Geet: nooooooo… u can’t do this pls


Rounka: then maary me geet, promise I will never do anything to them but if u try to runaway from me, I  assure u I will burn ur whole family. And before that I will kill that man who dare to love u.


Geet had tried to talk to her maasi but she only emotionally blackmailed her, then brij who showed helplessness. Finally she agreed but hearing his claiming voice she took poison with her, if she can’t be maan’s then no one has the right. But all goes upside down as maan kidnapped her, and now she is worried about her 2 most treasured person.


Geet looked at maan who’s jaw was tighten and looking away from her, clearly saying his inner turmoil but she can’t do anything, she felt weak, really weak both physically and mentally. She was going to fall when maan grabbed her, she saw the same concern which never leave his eyes. He took her in his arms and placed her on bed.


Maan: I m making some breakfast, ur dresses are in cupboard, freshen up and come downstairs. Saying this he left the place.

Geet only stares at him and makes her way to washroom.



Precap:  more intense moment and some trouble.

Sorry for all mistakes, and thank u for all the comments and likes.


I m sorry I know I should give more lengthy update but now a days I didn’t get proper time for naything, I will try to update it on sat or sun,


One fact, here maan and geet both don’t understand each other properly, that because they never shared their feeling together, they never shared time together, then how can u expect to know each other so suddenly when whole life they had pretended to hate each other. they need time to know and understand the feeling and the real self. I hope I make sense now.


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  1. Posted by Meena on August 15, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    awesome dear


  2. o teri yeh geet did dat for maan aur maan geet par chilla raha hai waise jab sach pata chalega toh maan feels guilty waise maaneet moments were good dear it filled with anger and cute romance….do cont soon dear….


  3. Awesome Update


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