Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 11



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Part 11



Geet informed her mother that she is in maan’s haveli, everyone was worried specially dadima. But she suppressed her fear. Geet told her mother to make gulgule eat something. Her mother told her about anjali’s husband, geet assured her she will talk to maan about it. after like 20 min of talk she finally hung up the call and turn to see maan leaning on the door hearing her talks. With the sudden appearance she become shock and jump a step back, but soon soothed her raged heart. She saw the smirk on his face and involuntary she took two step back where he takes steps towards her. with his every step she felt her heart thump loudly. So loud that she can hear it. her mobile slipped from her hand and landed on the floor, she saw it but then jumped back as her devil was too close to her, soon she felt something cold on her back, she turn sideway to see she had hit the big glass window. Before she can escaped he trapped her between his hot body and the cold wall.


‘I told u to take rest but u were talking on phone ha?’ Maan said as he nuzzles in her hair. She closed her eyes and her sweaty palm touch the glass wall. ‘I said to take rest because after it u will need it, but u’ he left his words as he bite her neck making her flinch. He soon licked the area to sooth the pain. Geet was confuse as he is behaving so soft with her which is unexpected to her. she knew something is going in his mind. He kissed her cheek, and then looked at her confuse eyes. What happen jaan, don’t u want to enjoy our ALONE time. he stressed on alone to clear his intention to her. her breath became heavier thinking what he want. He smirks and leaned on her lips, she instantly pulls her head back. ‘don’t do that. I said ur everything is mine then how can u pulls that thing which is already mine hmm?’ He caresses corner of her lips with his thumbs glaring at it. geet saw the intensity. She couldn’t hold herself


‘why u r doing this? I can’t understand u? who are u?’ she blurted in a trance, because understanding him is beyond her mind now.


He smiles at her question ‘what I m doing jaan, I just want u, and who m i? who can know its better than u? I M YOUR DEVIL, and U R MY POSSESSION’


‘I m tired of this, I don’t want u near me, I don’t want to feel ur touch, its make me disgust, why can’t u understand?’


He grabbed her arms close to him ‘u like it or not u will be mine that’s final’


‘I m not ur puppet that will listen to u, god damn I m a human of blood and flesh, why don’t u understand. I can’t live according to ur wish’


‘u don’t have choice jaan, u have to’


‘I can’t live with this confusion, with ur spilt personality. One side u r so soft and caring, shielding me from everyone and other moment u r a full demon who never think twice to kill anyone. what is the real MSK?’  maan looked at her with fire full eyes, making her tremble still she looked straight in his eyes not fearing the consent. Her confusion and his weird attitude is making her insane.


Soon the anger in his eyes started reflecting in his hold, she can feel the pain now.


He pulls her close to him, ‘its better not to face the real MSK, it won’t be good for u, the real MSK is enigma and its better that way. real MSK should be for the outer world not for u otherwise u won’t be able to speak the next set of word once u see the REAL MSK’ he pressed her body with his and spoke huskily yet dangerous ‘don’t push me to become MSK geet, I m trying my level best not to show u that because I don’t want to see that exact 16 yr old geet, I need u, I only know that, but once u tried to get away from me u will face the original MSK who can destroy u in matter of fact. Don’t try my patience geet’ he finally bite her shoulder harshly.


All the way she only flinched not only with his hold but his words also. that voice has venom in it and it is indicating the storm that will rise once she will fly from his clutch. He pulls her more close holding her arms, thats when she flinched and maan left her arms. he didn’t saw the marks on her arm, she covered her arms with her dupatta. He saw the pain in her face and held her chin to make her saw in his eyes.


‘I m trying to be cool with u but that doesn’t mean I will allow to do whatever u want, I can’t stand anyone’s presence around u and that means no one’


She looked straight in his eyes ‘u r talking like typical possessive lover mr MSK, but let me remember u, u r not my lover or husband to show ur right.’


He smirk ‘I will be very soon’


‘why u r behind me? there is nothing special in me then why? And seeing me few times only u have decided to change my life, is it the revenge of seeing there?’ her voice got stuck as he arms tightly.


‘not a word about that geet, and u don’t have to think all this, for u its one thing, get that straight in ur head. I want to mark u as mine, ur heart, soul, and body is mine. I had waited for u long time, 1st I thought I would forget u, and u faded with time still some corner of my mind still remembered u and when I saw u that night in rain just waken my desire. U have grown up so much and I felt an urgent desire to touch u, to have u.’


‘ur lust will destroy u maan, I know u will throw me after quenching ur thirst but i will assure u that day I will take ur soul from u’


Maan laughed and smirks on her face ‘u can never take that geet, u can never take a dead soul’ he walked away from her and she only looked at him with confuse look. He didn’t bother to say anything else.


‘ok now as we had lost our breakfast time u will make some lunch for us’ he broke the news as matter of fact, 1st geet was looking at him blankly fluttering her lashes innocently making maan groan inwardly, then it hit her. she frowns.


‘why should I make lunch for u, don’t u have dozen of servant for it’


‘yes I have but not here, it’s a special place where only special persons allowed to enter, and from now on u will make everything for me’ he said with a smile.


Geet ignored his smile ‘then good news for u, u have to starve whole life as I can’t make boiling egg also’


Maan was amused to know that because he thought she would be typical Hindustani girl who can make anything and a typical family girl. to his utter dismay she doesn’t have any embarrassment or shame to say she can’t do any single household work leave cooking. He saw her smirks and sitting on a chair comfortably. He smirks on her.


‘then learn sweetheart’


She looked at him amusingly ‘what?’


‘yes, because u have to do all this, I won’t allow any servant near u and we won’t be living with dadima, she has her own family.’


Geet is confuse shock and blank. She doesn’t know what to say, maan leaned over her. ‘kya huya sweetheart, r u afraid of living with me alone? Or u r thinking how much privacy we will get after our wedding. Just think we can use any corner for our romance.’ She looked at him with utter shock and hatred. He chuckle a bit. ‘so come on lets start from now, I will teach u. it will be good learning session, and u r a good student. A topper of ur collage in pune’ he smirks as she gulped hard.


Geet(st): so home work karke aaya hain.


Maan leaned and peck her lips ‘bilkul, MSK always checked anyone properly,, ok now lets go to kitchen’


Geet retorted ‘I won’t’

Maan came close to her ‘u have to’ she snapped her hands from his clutch and again said she will not come, this time maan came dangerously close to her and pulled her waist slipping his hand in her suit having the direct contact of her flesh. She gasp, he said ‘soch lo geet, it won’t be good if I eat u alive’ she got his intention very clear and abruptly left for kitchen which he accepted gladly.



He took her to the kitchen where she is stepping for the 1st time in her life, her mother had really pampered her, despite leaving in a small town and in a conservative family she managed to give her everything.. a pampered life which any girl only wish.


‘so what do u want to eat’  Geet was really confuse what to say, she is damn hungry but telling anything he will make her make that. ‘ok lets make some continental. Geet made few faces hearing it. and maan can guess she hates it.’ he came close to her ear. ‘ok then make ur fav, BIRIYANI’ her eyes widen as how can he know it when very less ppl know it. maybe mamma had told him. but again why mamma have to tell him. he smirks and whispered in her ear ‘don’t put pressure on ur brain. He started taking out the essential from the kitchen top counter. She saw him how perfectly he took out all the needed masala and rice. He opens the fridge and took out mutton as geet love mutton biriyani. She was confuse but couldn’t ask him. he handed the mutton to her, she gulp hard and shaking hand took it.


He started guiding her and she was doing it. occasionally sliding his hands around her waist, and giving few kisses on her neck, she was uncomfortable and tried to push him only to dashed in his strong arms and he had forcefully kissed her, maan was smiling at her, and she lost her count of cursing him under her breath.


She was feeling exhausted to even go to the dining table. She hadn’t ate from last afternoon nd now all this is making her exhausted. She felt her feet slipping the ground and next she found herself in maan’s arms. he was lifting her making his way to dining table. She was stiff but didn’t protest knowing he can do anything and specially when they are alone. Maan made her sit on a chair and placed the food on the table. She thought about serving it so she stood up. maan got his seat with a smirk. As soon she finished her serving maan pulls her and she landed on his lap. Her eyes widen as she felt she is sitting on his lap. She tried to stood up but maan locked her in his embrace.  She gave him glare which he ignored.


‘u had worked enough for the day, not eat’ she looked at her uncomfortable state, maan extent the spoon full of biriyani which she tried to avoid but his hold on her waist got tighten forcing her to eat that morsel.’


Both finished the meal, geet by eating biriyani and maan eating her. sometime caressing her skin above the dress and sometime kissing her upper body and nape. It was already late and geet wanted to go home as she doesn’t wanted it to get dark before they reach her house, in all this she forget to talk about nitin’s job. Maan abruptly left her on her place. Geet took a sigh relief with the cold event going on. Day after next was their engagement and she was worried about it. things are going very fast and she had no control over it.



Precap: same

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