Kagaz Ki Kashti luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 104

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Part 104


Maan was boiling lava till the point he reached office, Aadi had informed him that Samaira was in Office. 6 bodyguards came to surround him while maan took long strides to reach the office floor. Maan was seething with anger and that came in his aggressive demeanor. Whoever saw him coming, he would back away from his path, the office rang with a siren indicating MSK is coming and he is in a very bad mood. It was a surprise for everyone who knew yesterday it was his anniversary and wedding. Everyone sort of guess he will be with his family as per as dev have informed them but hearing the siren everyone started looking for their appearances.

Maan didn’t stop to greet anyone or response staff’s greeting which only indicates he is in a foul mood. His bodyguards stood outside his office floor while maan strode towards Samaira’s office and then he entered the room slamming the door hard and drawing some client’s gaze who was in a meeting with sam. Sam look up hearing the noise, seeing maan in so much angry sam knew something is wrong. They gazed for a few moments and sam finally stood up to excuse for some min. Sam was scared somewhere seeing the anger in maan, she always got to know when he is in a bad mood even now. She politely asked their clients to reschedule the meet which they agreed happily.

Sam: You have to have some good reason maan.

Maan closed the door with a slammed which made sam flinched, she gulp her fear and tried to look calm which didn’t go good according to maan’s temper.

Maan: you set geet to see us sam.

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement but not meant to confirm. She knew Shiv would have said sooner or later and Maan would believe Shiv way more than her. In fact he always did, even in a relationship, she had little to say and Maan had a blind faith on his best friend. So sam opt not to make any story and approach him directly which will target him straight.

Sam: Yes I did. And followed by a curse through maan, she flinch knowing he is mad, way to ahead of mad. She didn’t look horrified but it was gutting her self control.

Maan: I could have never understood what kind of bitch you are.

Sam sighed and walked towards him: I knew it, that Shiv would have talk to u about that day. But you have to hear me maan. I m not letting u go before that.

Maan: you seriously think I owe u any time for your rubbish plot.  Sam held his hand in an attempt to close the door so that he didn’t flew away frm her again.

Sam: you have to understand it from my point of view maan. U have to see my pain seeing u everyday with her. yes I told u I left everything behind but how could I? believe me, I tried but I can’t. I can’t forget us. Maan jerked his hand away and held her arm so harsh that surely left a red patch on her arms.

Maan shouts at her: there is no ‘US’ sam. And never could be. It’s history. It finished sam. Don’t u see that. How could u be so selfish? He said the last phrase with disgust written all over his face.

Sam: How can u say its finish? Don’t u remember those days maan? We were so happy. We were getting married and then this geet came in our life and I, I lost u maan. By the time she said the last word her eyes were teary and desperation was clearly visible in her eyes.

Maan: Did u forget what happened sam? You pushed me with the goddamn fear for your life. If u had loved me u wouldn’t have pushed me, u wouldn’t have feared to die like geet did. She loves me. And hard as to believe bu you have to understand that I was never yours Sam. If I had been then u would have did that. And if u had think me even as a friend u wouldn’t have think of hurting me.

Sam cried: I never hurt you.

Maan shouts: yes u did, by hurting Geet, by setting plots to break a relation which is my life, u actually hurt me a lot sam. I know u might be feeling rage because of our failed relationship but does that superior then our friendship sam? Was it worth to sacrifice our friendship?

Sam shook her head: no maan, u don’t understand. I lost u to her. It made me mad. I just wanted u back. She doesn’t deserve u maan. She can’t love u like I did; she couldn’t give u anything that,

Maan cut her: and u think u deserves it? U think your love is superior. Sam made a disgusted face seeing the mocking on the man’s face she love the most. Maan continued still looking at her face. Sam Love isn’t about hurting the person u love, it means giving up.

Sam: cut the crap. Would geet have given up on u huh? Would u have given up on her?

Maan: if she would have love any other person then I would have done that, Sam was startle with the revelation. She stared at him unblinkingly. If I would have loved someone she would have given up happily.

Sam: u loved me.

Maan shook his head: If I have ever loved u truly, like the way I love geet I wouldn’t have marry someone else. If you loved me truly u wouldn’t have feared about death. It wasn’t in u, u weren’t s much in love with me sam. Can’t u see we never had a future? We were selfish from start. It was Geet who made me the person I m today. I Love Her.

Sam shook her head crying: no, no, I love u.


Maan closed his eyes for a moment then reopened: Geet married me knowing her life was in danger. Because she thought she was saving the life of her love. Geet knew carrying maahika meant her life is in danger and the smallest amount of her surviving will go nil still she carried her because she loves her. Knowing the person because of whom her sister was nearly dead still she forgave him and behave like true friend, because she loved shiv. She respected him as her friend and she loves him. Even after spending a yr with her rapist still she managed to be happy with him because she loved him. She loves me beyond anything and I know none can love me more than her. Tell me would you have done the same Sam? Could u love ur rapist?


Maan and sam heard a small whisper and looked at the person standing over the office. He saw geet standing with Shiv. She shook her head pleading not to say the word but he returned a smile.

Maan: see sam, still she is protecting him because she loves him, loves her husband. Tell me could u have loved him? Could u have loved me if I have done the same?

Sam: NOOOO. Nooo, she sobbed facing the truth maybe for the first time. She crumbled on the floor but before she can hit the hard floor she felt the warmth and saw her 2 best friends still beside her. Maan had held her while shiv came beside her immediately. She cried holding them, finally letting the grudges and bitterness. She felt a warm hand on her knuckle. Looking above she saw geet looking at her warmly. She isn’t mocking her, she isn’t showing triumph, she is just being herself. She is being Geet.

Geet: you deserves better Sam. Come out from this bitterness. Leave free ur boundaries and engulf the life.

Shiv: we love u sam, u r not a bad person but leave the insecurity. Hurting anyone won’t make u happy.

Sam: I didn’t intent on hurting Maahika. Trust me, I didn’t even think about it. I know shiv had said maan about it. Geet immediately stiffen hearing her. sam grabbed her hand. Sasha was enraged and when I said about hurting the precious think shiv assumed it about maahi. Trust me I can never think bad about her. She, she is Maan’s daughter. I know I m not a good person. She felt shiv squeezing her shoulder, she manage a small smile. Then looked at geet,  I just wanted my love but I never intended on hurting anyone. Sasha was giving me plans how to hurt u guys by maahi and I just told her if she ever try that I will report to police and I have plenty evidence of her stealing from this company. She flew back to her hometown but I heard her last day. She came to hurt u all because she thought maan will ruin her knowing her true face so she wanted money. Before she could have done anything I took maahi with me to the safe place. She was alone and I couldn’t risk her life. I know none can trust me after whatever I have done but believe me for once I can’t hurt maahi, Because, because she is Maan’s life. For once I can think about hurting geet but not that kid. She is a baby only, please just trust me for once.


Maan squeezed her hand: we believe u. geet nodded.

Sam: I m sorry geet. I know I did all the bad work not to earn the trust but I was so involve in my rage. If maan wouldn’t have talk to me then


Geet: Sam leave past behind please think about your future.

Sam nodded: I need a break from everything. I can’t promise to be a good person but I can at least try not to be a bad person. She smiles a little while shiv chuckle softly. But then she remember something, sam looked at shiv. Tell Saanjh I m sorry shiv. Whatever happen to her I was equally responsible. But I never intended to hurt her dignity nor I wanted her to take that huge step. It was my own selfishness and I was immature selfish bitch. But now when I can see I can be a little bit human I should apologize to her but I don’t have the gut to face her shiv. Shiv smiles at her and nodded. Sam turned to maan and hugged him. I wish I can say u will be mine in my next birth maan but I know har janam maan to sirf geet ka hi rahega. After whatever u said I know no one but Geet deserves Maan. She turned to geet. pata nahi hum kabhi dost ban payenge ke nahi, maybe, maybe never but I will still respect u for whatever I got to know about u today geet. Till now I never wanted to know ur love because I was so blind in my rage. But yesterday I saw the happiness in maan when you both were taking pheras. I was there hiding behind a tree and then I knew he is yours; it was my foolishness thinking I can have him by tricks. Geet aur Maan ka pyar bohot pure hain. None can strain ur relationship and I just hope someday I can get the same love.

Geet: u will find ur true love sam.

There was a sound of something breaking. Shiv and geet exchanged worried look while Maan looked at the person who was till now standing like a ghost. Saanjh looked at maan then at geet and then sam with wide eyes. She had heard everything quietly standing there but didn’t draw any attention. And Geet forgot her sister also accompanied her when Shiv told he was going to office and maan was in anger. Actually saanjh heard that from behind the door and insisted going with them. The moment they entered the room they forgot about saanjh and the scene took place.

Precap: Saanjh and Maan confront.

It was needed gals because I don’t want any past or grudges in new track, so it’s better to be free and somewhere I felt the need to show Samaira as same when the ff started. Yes she was never a bad person but not either a good person. She was selfish in love but didn’t even know what is love. She just assumed it’s about gaining which at last maan corrected her. If anyone read it at first I had shown the first meeting was Maan driving a car and geet coming between. But maan didn’t stop to see was she alive or dead. He was ruthless always, but it was samaira who said he should have been careful. That indicates she wasn’t a bad person but yes quite blind in love and rage and did whatever she can do to break Maaneet which was always a flop.

I hope I have justified my story plot. And yes I can only give what I have decided from start and it was decided to end sam’s track like this. Maybe in future she will come and maybe u can see many shades of her then.

Tomorrow will be K2HY and Kurbaan..

Thank u alllllllllllllllllllll for the huge response and trust me I can’t show how much dreamy I was when I found the likes bar. Thank u frm the bottom of my heart…

Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination. If any action match to any other thing that is merely a co-incident. I haven’t copied any scene as far as my knowledge and I want to let you know beforehand. Still if anything matches it will be only a coincident.

© Tich Mg-All Copyrights Reserved 2013.


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