Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 39


Part 39

Geet opened her eyes only to find her mother sitting beside her smiling and adoring her daughter. Geet smiles and hugged her mother then again tried to sleep on her shoulder.

Rano smiles seeing her daughter’ get up gudiya rani. Aaj teri shadi hain aur tu itni der tak so rahi hain.’

Geet opened her one eye and saw the time is 7, then again closed it, but soon a giggle erupt her lips as 2 little tongue started licking her feet. Geet tried to jerk but then the 2 cutei came on her side and started licking her cheek. Geet rolled with laughter. Some time later Rano also join them.

‘mumma please aap nahi.’

She laughed so heard that tears rolled down her cheeks. She is not very much ticklish but she can never stand gulgule’s licking her feet or anywhere and gulgule knew it because its his trick every time he need something. Seeing gulgule monalisa also started mimicking him. Atlast they stopped and Geet’s eyes landed on Rano’ s teary face. Concern spreads through Geet as she leapt for her mother.

‘why are u crying mumma. I had never seen u crying for so long.’

Rano smiles and caresses her face
‘it’s my happiness Geet. I had never seen u so much happy since your childhood when,,’

‘papa loved us.’

Rano sighed ‘you know he still loves u Geet and that’s why he is so happy. Whatever happened between us always affected you to some extent but remember No Father can Hate his Child Geet. Your father loves u and u have to let go of the past as u r forwarding towards your future. I m so happy beta that Maan makes u happy. Whatever happiness snatched away from u in ur childhood has return with Maan. I can see the happiness. Now u have to walk ahead. Don’t look back into the bitterness. Look forward.’

Geet looked at her mother. So many years she had endures everything for her. So many years she stayed in a loveless marriage just for her daughter. And still she doesn’t want to see her daughter’s hatred for the man who is her husband only namesake. But maybe just maybe her mother still loves the father of her child.

Rano kissed Geet’s forehead, ‘tu bhi soch rahi hogi sirf Aaj ki din tu hain yaha aur main kitna sare baate leke baith gayi lekin beta meri yeh sab baate yaad rakhna. Maan seems to care for you a lot and though he said you both were in a relationship for long but u know I don’t believe it much. I know when u r in love and when not… And I absulately believe you r now in love..’

Geet’s jaw dropped down seeing the smirk on her mother’s lips.

‘ok now get ready. Everyone is waiting for your haldi.’

Rano went away while Geet only stare at the door. All the while her mother knew and waited for her to fall for a devil. But she doesn’t know Maan so well so Geet can’t or won’t blame her.

Few purring and soft pushing made her attention shift on the cute cuddle puppies. She looked at their baby faces and then cuddle them closely. Gulgule squealed as Geet started kissing is cheek or rather say fur. Its weird the dogs likes her kisses while the method of pleasing a dog is rubbing tummy or scratching behind their ear. But here Geet kissed and cuddle both the puppy and they liked it very much.

Haldi and then Chuda rasam went well. Geet was little disappointed for not hearing from Maan in the whole day. She was even heartbroken when dadi came to give her shagun and told her Maan hadn’t performed any ritual as he doesn’t like or agreed to all this ‘rasam’. He said he will join them at the marriage time which disturbed Geet a lot though she tried to hide the fact but dadima saw the sadness and apologised behalf of Maan. Geet only requested not to say all that to Rano. She actually enjoyed and became emotional when Mohindar offered to make her wear the Chuda as Geet doesn’t have any mama(maternal uncle).

As the time passed Geet’s insecurity increased and the fear Maan won’t come for the marriage leapt in her heart. She recalled every moment with Maan as the tears started leaking out. She looked at her dark mahendi. Everyone said her hubby will love her immensely but now every kind of insecurity blind her any hope for his love. Barat is late by 30 min someone had told her but all her concentration was on the mobile. She debated calling him and then cut the call before it connected. 30 mins turned 1 hour and the tears started flowing. Thank god none was in her room except the 2 jewel of her heart. Monalisa sat on her lap while Gulgule sat beside her feet.

Suddenly someone shouted Barat has arrived and Maan was in a lavish car breaking the ritual which Geet only chuckle. She was so happy and relieve that Maan had finally came for the marriage. Geet left a sigh of relief but she wanted to see him with her own eyes. She went on the single balcony from where front view was clear but not much ppl can see her because of the huge flower plants. Geet bent a little to see Maan coming out from the car. He was wearing a red sherwani. His broad shoulder hugged the material perfectly molding his huge muscle filled body. He looked mouth watering.


Geet blushed, a cute smile played on her lips but then her eyes met his. It was empty. He looked blank. No happiness or victory, only a blank look somewhere between bored and irritated. Her heart sank and the smile vanished. A sickening insecure beat came out but then she saw the concern in his eyes which was following her eyes then cheeks. Geet was amazed seeing Maan observing her face. Then realization drawn on her and she immediately shook her head then wiped the tears away.

‘Shadi se pehle barat aur dulhe ko dekhna apshagun hota hain. Hey bhagwan ye ladki to hamare naak katane pe tuli hai hain.’

Geet heard her aunt shouting on top of her lungs and immediately ducked her face in the Dupatta as a ritual. She came in to the room after glancing at Maan for the last time. Maan saw the worry in them, pain insecurity all were there like a open book. She looked so vulnerable yet he can’t do anything not when he doesn’t believe in this farce. It’s just for Geet n her family specially for her mother. If it was on him he would have never did this farce. But seeing Rano so affectionately doing all ritual something twisted in him.

Maan followed Rano’s every instructions on every rasam and seeing the happiness on her face Maan felt happy maybe for the first time. He had never felt these emotion. He never got affection n he hated fakeness. He knew not one person other than Rano is trully happy. But Rano’s happiness matter to him which is weird to him also. He didn’t believe in family and love.

Till the moment he was so bored. From morng dadima was hell bent on doing all kind of irritating things. And those giggling of the girls made him annoyed. Their advanced made him snap then he lose his control and blasted on them. He didn’t regret actually, all those ritual was nothing for him. So he did what made him feel numb. He did excise for 3 hour non stop. It was only Aadi who stopped him and informed about a important meeting. He actually worked on his wedding day till the last min. Then Aadi brought a sherwani which earn a groan from Maan but instantly Geet’s red lahenga and her flushed face flashed in front of him making him hard instantly. He joined them after few mins so they were late an hour but never in his wildest dream he thought Geet will be so upset with him.

Yes he saw the happiness on her face seeing him but that doesn’t explain the tears in her eyes and her cheek. Then it drawn upon him he was the reason. No she wasn’t unhappy with the marriage but the thing he was late and utterly bored didn’t help her insecurity. Geet was behaving weird for some day and emotional too but it wasn’t her fault. He never gave her anything to feel secure in his life. She may always wait for lose end for the fall but he won’t give her the chance.

Last few days weren’t good at all. For the first time Maan had remembered his father. For the first time he felt insecure. For the first time he wanted to please some one. He had never did all those thing ever in eternity. So many first thing and all those for Geet.

After Geet’s running away from Delhi actually made him furious and insecure as same amount. He want her with him every moment of life but he couldn’t say about his trust issue and his fucked up life. What if she run away after knowing it. He had never believed a single female in his life well one exception but that was another thing. Geet was diferent, though he had said all horrible things but with trust issue he can’t help but imagine only worst. Then again here she tried to break their marriage, not that he believed in that farce but he knew Atleast Geet believe it. She should get the marriage which maybe her mother dreamed. He had seen the wish in Rano’s eyes and as ridiculous it is he liked Rano and don’t want to hurt her which is another exception. He never respected his own grandmother like the way he did for Rano.

‘Hamare shagun dijiye or else u won’t coming to marry Geet’

Maan heard some girl’s seductive voice. Apparently it was some of her cousin but she only disgust him. Just to avoid another sultry voice coming anywhere near him he placed a bundle of cash and ignored the shock expression of ppl. Rano performed some ritual and when it came to cleaning his feet Maan jumped like he was on fire. Everyone lughed and he glared them.

‘ye sirf rasam hain beta’

Rano’s amusing voice warmed Maan but he still held her hand from touching his feet.

‘I don’t like all this. It’s old fashioned.’

Some didn’t like his tone, his arrogant behavior but Rano looked at his eyes which didn’t met her at all. Dadi looked at Maan surprised and Aadi was double shocked seeing his rude boss actually caring for someone. Not only dadima and Aadi understood this devil but someone else also got to know him a little more. Maan’s eyes went on the staircase as the silence spread and Geet descend from it with a mild smile. Maan can only see the luscious smile as her half face was covered with a veil. But he knew Geet had witnessed everything the smile said everything. And again for the first time MSK was speechless seeing a angelic beauty of his Geet. Yeah ‘His Geet’ who possess the power to destroy him.


Love u Tanu for the pic….

Next part Saturday….

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  1. Wwwooowwww..wht a lovelyyyy update di…
    Geet worried ki kahi Maan shaadi me aane se inkaar na kar de…
    But Maan did come…
    Hmm..toh hamare Devil Maan ko hamari Angel dheere dheere pighala rahi hai..
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt update di..


  2. Nice part. Waiting for the wedding to happen… Love to read the next part soon. Take care……..


  3. cant see maan resisting geet for long


  4. marriage preparation maan dilenma care for rano fab


  5. Awesome update cont soon


  6. updating after a long time.
    superb update.
    Maan is changing unknown to him.
    rano is the cupid here.


  7. after kkk,its my most fav ff ,written by u.i love how maan change for geet.awesome update


  8. Posted by angelickushi on December 27, 2013 at 9:38 am

    loved the update]even i was worried if he will make it to the wedding


  9. this update was too nice….but i m waiting when u will update next part…plz update tomorrow s u told…or i will not be able to hold up yar..this devils possession is making me mad day by day…
    plz make man confess his LOVE for geet fast…cant wait update fast….


  10. Posted by anusha on December 29, 2013 at 4:17 am

    Super awesome. … I am just speechless reading the part loved it so much. … do update soon 🙂 🙂


  11. oh!! i missed your updates so much…lovely update i was worried that will maan actually come to his own wedding or not…finally he came…eagerly waiting for the next part…please update soon…


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